2020 Board of Directors Nominations

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Online voting will be held October 2, 2020 - October 16, 2020. Details to follow regarding the voting process. The successful nominees will be announced at our Annual General Meeting on October 28, 2020

Below you will see all the nominees for Legendary Coasts of Eastern Newfoundland DMO Board of Directors. 

Any questions, please contact Abby at [email protected]

Baccalieu Trail/Admiral's Coast Regional Director

Regional Director - A representative of a private sector tourism business or organization operating a particular sub region.

Erika Pardy

Current director and vice-chair with Legendary Coast. Owner/operator of Rose Manor Inn. With experience in economic and business development as well as marketing and sales. Outgoing people person with a desire and vested interest in increasing and improving the visibility of the Baccalieu and CBN areas. 

I have a great fondness and passion for the area with the history and people that are surrounded by it. I continue to advocate on the areas behalf. Currently the chairperson for our community youth network. Actively And heavily involved in community development.

Lily Petten

As a current member of the Board of Directors of the Port De Grave Peninsula Heritage Society, I attend regular Board of Directors meetings and participate in the decision making and approval process of decisions in relation, and to the benefit of the ongoing work of the society.

Previously, I have been an avid 
volunteer in spending time volunteering within seniors homes. With the Port De Grave Peninsula Heritage Society's Master Development Plan, I feel that with the development and expansion of the tourism sector along the peninsula, I could bring value as a new director of the Legendary Coasts Board.

Director at Large

Director at Large - A representative of a private sector tourism business or organization from anywhere within the Eastern Region.

Crystal Braye

Crystal Braye is a public folklorist, previously responsible for the Wooden Boat Museum of Newfoundland and Labrador's Boats and Builders Documentation Project. She has travelled extensively around Newfoundland and Labrador to speak to boat builders and has recorded and archived nearly 100 interviews from more than fifty communities. From this research, Crystal created web pages, booklets and exhibitions for the Museum in Winterton and their community partners that showcase this province’s cultural traditions and those who practice them. 

She has recently launched Octopus Consulting and plans to offer a range of services to heritage organizations and tourism businesses seeking to preserve and promote local histories, heritage and folklore. Crystal presently serves on the executive committee of the Folklore Association of Canada and has been a Director at Large with Legendary Coasts of Eastern Newfoundland for the past 2 years. As a representative of the Wooden Boat Museum, Crystal hopes to retain her position so that she can continue to offer a cultural heritage lens to the organization in recognition of the importance of people and place to our tourism industry. 

Edith Samson

Responsible for all day to day operations of the National Historic District of Port Union, including grant writing, operation of visitor interpretation Centre, plus restoration and reuse of the heritage properties in the district.

I am involved with the Discovery Global Geopark Committee, Eastern Geological Network Star Committee, Bonavista Trinity Regional Chamber of Commerce, The Trinity Bay North Economic Development, Have been in the industry for over 20 years. 

To further advance the tourism industry in the Eastern Region especially seeking ways to move forward in a COVID world. 

Marieke Gow

My name is Marieke and I have spent the past ten years as a dedicated member of the NL tourism community. In addition to managing and co-owning an inn, vacation home rental management business and a fine dining restaurant, I have developed an in depth knowledge of the industry by volunteering on the following boards.

Legendary Coasts: including 4 years as chair

NL Tourism Board; 4 years

Hike Discovery - Current

Bonavista Peninsula Star Committee - Current

Discovery Geopark Board - Current

RANL - 2 years

Canada Select - 4 years

I took 2 years off from the LCEN board as I had exhausted my allowed terms and was pleased to step aside to allow others to contribute their knowledge and leadership to the organization. I m seeking to return to the board as someone who has almost a decade of experience with the organization and can contribute to a transition to the new incoming ED. Our business has also overcome a number of the challenges posed by COVID-19 and I would like to contribute to the industry's knowledge and approach to the new normal.

Matthew Woodland

Currently Chair of the Board of Directors for Fortune Eco Friends, operators of the Fortune Head Geology Centre and Horsebrook Trail. We oversee the operation of the Geology Centre and overseeing the manager along with two geology students and other employees. The Geology students do interpretation at the centre and tours and activities for tourists and locals alike. We run an active school program in May, June each year.

Matt is also a member of the Fortune Town Council and a representative on the Burin Peninsula Trail Network. He is an avid outdoors person and has posted pictures of many of his trail hikes on various platforms.

Matt would be a valuable asset to Legendary Coast with many ideas to promote the whole region.